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Special Character of Sithabe Products and Care Advice

Sithabe African Craft (Sithabe) creates skillfully handmade, beautiful and innovative products of high quality. Beading is Sithabe’s specialty that is painstakingly done to bring about authenticity and uniqueness. It is also important to note that whilst certain colors and color combo options are offered, uniqueness is usually brought about in hand making and beading designs. This makes Sithabe processes labor intensive and time consuming resulting in generally non-bulk products.

Sithabe All Beaded (100% beading) Products

These are made from hand threaded glass beads and usually inspired by geometric shapes and traditional beading of the Nguni and, in particular, the Ndebele people.  
To clean use a soft-brittle brush (like a tooth brush), cold water and a mild detergent, then wipe dry with a soft cloth. Leave out for a couple of hours whilst avoiding direct sunlight to make sure the thread between the beads is completely dry.

Sithabe ‘Circle of Unending Love’ (CUL) or Thando Circle (TC)

This is an innovative and multifunctional Sithabe design inspired by the Ndebele beaded neck ornament ‘isikholwane’.
The circle is made out of dried grass covered with beading and should never be dipped in water or liquid. To clean the beading use soft bristle brush (like a tooth brush) and wipe dry with a soft cotton cloth.

Sithabe Fabric (100% cotton) Products

Fabric is usually bull denim or twill depending on availability. Hand-washing with a mild detergent is recommended.

Sithabe Fabric with beading Products

To clean just the beading use soft bristle brush (like a tooth brush) and wipe dry with a soft cotton cloth.

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